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CFL Glass Meaning for Bongs

cfl glass bong purple recycler

Bongs are made from different types of glass, including ones that change color under different types of light like CFL.

In our guide, you’ll learn the CFL glass meaning as it pertains to bongs, elevating your smoke sesh into a visual spectacle. 

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What is CFL glass?

CFL bowl under light (Source: Youtube)

Compact fluorescent light (CFL) is a type of glass containing phosphor, a compound that emits various colors when exposed to ultraviolet ( UV) light. Initially, it was used to make energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs. 

Today, CFL reactive glass makes unique bongs that change colors under different light conditions, creating a visually appealing user experience.

You might be wondering when it became popular in bong-making. Back in 2014, Glass Alchemy started to experiment with CFL. After many trials, the team introduced the first CFL reactive glass color, Serum. 

Serum was compatible with borosilicate glass, a common material in bong making due to its durability and heat resistance.  During that period, Elbo Glass and Joel Coyle collaborated to create the earliest and most notable CFL bong, Elbo x Coyle Serum Recycler. 

CFL glass color chart


As mentioned above, this was the first CFL-activated color on the market. It changes from rose to champagne when you move it from fluorescent to natural light. 


This is another CFL glass color chart used to make vibrant bongs. Although little is known about its history, this cadmium-based color has become popular amongst glassblowers.  When moved from fluorescent to natural lighting, bongs made from Terps CFL will shift from orange to yellow


This CFL-activated glass changes color depending on the light and viewing perspective. For instance, moving it to natural lighting will shift it to light gray or a cloudy clear color. Also, you can notice a mesmerizing spectrum of colors that change as you move around them. 

Benefits of CFL in bongs

Enhancement of aesthetic appeal 

As stated above, CFL changes color under different lighting conditions. When used in bongs, it’ll improve the appearance, adding a unique element to the experience. 

Improved visibility in low-light conditions 

When you have misplaced your bong, it might be hard to find it in low-light conditions. However, as its color reacts differently to lighting conditions, it’ll be easier to notice its vibrant color.


A bong can be made with several CFL glass slides that react differently to heat. Thus, when it turns to a specific color, that might indicate that a particular section is hotter than others. This visual cue will help you avoid such areas and prevent burns and related issues. 


CFL color changing glass is more durable than regular glass. As most people know, bongs can be expensive, and you want to purchase a piece that serves you for the longest time possible. This may save you some bucks in the long run. 

Potential drawbacks 

Despite the many benefits, there are several cons to consider:

Price consideration 

Bongs made from CFL are uniquely crafted by skilled artisans, which can drive up their prices. 

Also, the specialized materials and crafting processes plays a role in its increased cost.

Excess weight 

CFL can be thicker than traditional borosilicate glass. This increases the weight of your bong, making it less portable.

Illuminating your bong experience 

CFL in bongs will add aesthetic appeal to your smoking experience. However, it’s important to consider factors such as price and weight to ensure you get the right bong for your needs. 


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