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Can you put Weed Oil in a Humidifier?


Weed oil is a miracle fuel that really doesn’t get the credit it deserves. From recreational to medical purposes, it offers a wide range of benefits. And while the scent may not be for everyone, the familiar fruity-earthy blend can be quite comforting. But you might find yourself wondering: can you put weed oil in a humidifier?

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What Is Weed Oil?

CBD oil
Cannabis oil tincture (Source: Unsplash)

Weed oil is a concentrated cannabis extract. It can be eaten, smoked, vaped, and even rubbed onto the skin.

What’s more, weed oil has been used historically for medicinal purposes, particularly by ancient Chinese and Egyptian societies.

While there is much debate pertaining to the legalization of marijuana, there is scientific evidence of weed’s effects on memory, pain, and appetite, among other things.

Putting Weed Oil in a Humidifier

Using a humidifier
Setting the vibe (Source: Pexels)

The use of humidifiers has grown increasingly popular. Whether this is due to pollution, climate change, or just for the general health benefits of using one, it’s hard to deny that they are a great way to make your space cozier.

And with a huge range of them available on the market right now, you can find one to match whatever aesthetic you’re going for.

Along with the trend, another has emerged: putting essential oils in humidifiers. In theory, this sounds great. Add a few drops of your preferred scent into the water chamber, and soon your room will smell like a dream.

In practice, though, not all humidifiers can handle this.

Will Weed Oil Damage Your Humidifier?

CBD oil on skin
Miracle tincture (Source: Unsplash)

Standard evaporative humidifiers come with a wicking filter that will most likely get clogged by oils if you use them. This is due to the fact that oils, including cannabinoids, aren’t water soluble.

Theoretically, you could get past this by using an alcohol solution instead of the oil as is. Also, making sure to clean out your humidifier regularly could prevent the oil from damaging your filter. Ultimately, though, you may find the habit to be a costly one, for both you and your humidifier. Not to mention rather time-consuming, especially if your goal is to create a stress-free environment.

If you do wish to use your humidifier like a diffuser, though, you can always choose a device that comes with additional aromatherapy functions for that specific purpose.

Using a Weed Oil Diffuser

Enchantingly serene (Source: Unsplash)

A weed oil diffuser is an evaporative diffuser that has a separate filter for the oil. Beneath this space is a fan that will blow air through the filter and out into the space around the device.

In theory, this seems like a great way to create a stress-free zone to chill out and get stoned. Unfortunately, the effect of the oil won’t be as potent as you might hope.

This is largely due to the fact that these devices lift the lighter scent molecules up for diffusion, leaving behind the heavier THC molecules and thus, any psychoactive effects. Essentially, diffusion leaves behind the health and recreational benefits of weed.

Which makes this a less-than-ideal way to use your weed oil.

Does Weed Oil Get You High?

Weed leaves
Tropical vibes (Source: Unsplash)

Weed oil may get you high, but it depends on the amount of a psychoactive substance called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in it. Hemp plants, for instance, contain less THC and are less likely to get you high. Most CBD oils are also devoid of any psychoactive effects. But other varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant may contain much higher levels and will definitely get you high, to varying degrees.

Depending on what plant your weed oil is made from, it may or may not induce a significant high. But beyond the oil itself, the method of using it is also significant in determining how high it gets you.

To Diffuse or Not to Diffuse?

Humidifier on nightstand
Bedtime ambience (Source: Unsplash)

The method of inhalation certainly impacts the high that follows when it comes to weed. So it’s understandable people would associate diffusing an oil with a potent high. In general, though, diffused oils are not always as strong as a regular toke. As such, you’d at most get a mild, short-lived high out of it.

Some enthusiasts have also noted that standing directly above the humidifier or diffuser and inhaling the vapor as soon as it emerges, particularly while using an oil that has at least some THC in it, will get you just a bit higher. Yet, it won’t be anything like vaping or smoking a classic joint.

Having said that, if setting the mood is what you’re going for and you don’t mind the price tag that comes with the practice, it can definitely set the vibe for the smoke sesh.

Essential Oils to Cover Weed Smell

Oils in humidifiers
To diffuse or not to diffuse? (Source: Pexels)

In general, methods that vaporize weed tend to leave behind a less intense smell. Additionally, the scent that does result is less imposing and fades relatively quickly. However, if you’re smoking a blunt or bong, you don’t want the full intensity of its pungent smell permeating your clothes and furniture. So to hide the smell, try pairing it with an essential oil of your choice.

A drop or two each of your essential oil should work just fine. And while most oils will help mask the weed smell to a large extent, you’ll have the best luck with stronger scents like rosemary, peppermint, or eucalyptus.

Relax, Refresh, Recharge

Humidifiers are a great way to make your living space more breathable. Pairing them with another ingredient that is comforting and healing certainly makes sense, on paper.

So, the simple answer to the question, “can you put weed oil in a humidifier” is: yes. The longer answer, however, is: yes, but it won’t do much. While it may not transport you into the eleventh dimension, though, it’s definitely one hell of a vibe. And if it works for you, that’s all that matters.