If you smoke blunts daily, a glass blunt is simply going to save you time and money rolling. Aside from that, you can enjoy the pure flavor of your herb without the taste of tobacco wraps. You’ll experience your favorite strains in a new light, yet still with the similar comfort and feel of smoking a real blunt. 

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Think of all the benefits. Now you don’t have to leave that half-smoked blunt hanging off the side of your ashtray. Your herb will stay fresher in your glass blunt pipe than wrapped up in tobacco leaf, whenever you decide to pick it up again. And forget about your blunt canoeing, glass blunts burn evenly every time.

Smoking a glass blunt is also way simpler. You don’t need to find a rolling tray and a place to roll comfortably. It’s a portable and convenient alternative that’s easy to load wherever you are. All you really need is your herb, a glass blunt and perhaps a grinder so you can get to toking straight away. Life’s short, don’t skip a beat.  

Glass blunts vs glass joints 

While similar, glass blunts commonly feature the screw while glass joints do not. Since joints are rolled more thinly by nature, a typical glass joint also holds less, just 0.5 grams. Because of this, they are made from thinner borosilicate glass and generally come in multipacks; in case you drop one and it shatters, you can just pull out another! 

Glass blunt pipes vs glass tips

Glass blunt pipes are complete smoking devices that don’t require rolling while a glass blunt filter tip holds your actual tobacco wrapped blunt. Glass blunt holders, let you enjoy a blunt without burning your fingers and save you time rolling filter tips manually. They tend to have a flat or round tip shape and measure between 1-2 inch long. Glass joint tips are exactly the same except slightly smaller in diameter.  

Popular glass blunt pipes

Twisty glass blunt

Perhaps the most famous glass blunt is the Twisty pipe made from heat-resistant pyrex glass. There are multiple sizes of the Twisty glass blunt from as little as 0.5 grams to 4 grams, although the standard size can load 2 grams.

Ooze glass blunt

The Ooze glass blunt, unlike the Twisty, uses a slider mechanism so it’s even simpler. All you do is grind your herb, slide the inner tube out, pack the glass chamber and you’re ready to light up. As the tip begins to ash, just push the slider forward to remove. The Ooze blunt is also much larger, measuring 5 inches and features a silicone sleeve so you never burn your fingers.

Grav glass blunt

Another slider style glass blunt the Grav will become your new daily driver. It burns evenly, is easy to use and the best part is that it stops burning when you stop toking so nothing goes to waste. Can’t say that about every glass blunt. It also features a colorful silicone grommet that holds the tubes together which makes it easy to pull apart and clean.

Mini glass blunt

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you don’t need all that much to get sky high. Mini glass blunts generally hold about 0.5 grams which is half the size of standard glass blunts.  


What is a glass blunt?

A glass blunt pipe is a small smoking device shaped like a blunt that uses a screw to load. Made of glass, it saves you time and money rolling with tobacco wraps and lets you enjoy the natural flavor of your strains.

How does a glass blunt work?

The mechanics of a glass blunt is fairly simple. It normally has a twist or slide mechanism to load your herb and you light as you would an actual blunt.

How to use a glass blunt?

Slide the chamber back, load it with herb, twist the coil cap back on, light and inhale. As it burns, you’ll simply remove the ash by sliding or twisting the inner tube forward.

How to fill a glass blunt?

Learning how to load a glass blunt pipe is fairly simple. After removing the coil but leaving the cap at the other end in place, you can simply scoop ground herb from your grinder into your glass blunt. You should load no more than a gram of herb. 

How to pack a glass blunt?

First, unscrew and remove the twisty cap coil, scoop herb collected in your grinder into the glass blunt tube and screw the twisty coil back in to pack.  

How to clean a glass blunt?

You can use a mixture of 99% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt, or if you’re looking for something more natural, white vinegar and baking soda. It’s best to let it soak in this mixture for around 30 minutes, followed by a rinse with dish soap and water.

How often should you clean a glass blunt?

While this really depends on how often you smoke your glass blunt pipe, if you use it roughly three times a week, you should clean it at least once a month.   

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